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Did it ever happen that your lover starts shouting on you for no reason? For once you may cry and think that your lover is bad person and he/she don’t love you anymore. But wait! You are wrong, how can you judge someone so easily? They get angry on you don’t mean that they don’t love. They may have other problems in their life which they don’t want to share with you as you may get scared or they are scared that you will leave them. Think in depth and try to understand what is bothering him/her and why he/she is rude to you for no reason.

We are not telling to read their mind, we are telling to read their messages, chats and note each and every activity they do on their phone. The phone activity can easily reveal about what they think and what bothers them. A person who watches porn more is the one who is stressed and he/she find the best way of relaxing their mind by watching these. so if your lover watch regularly then surely he/she is very stressed and this stress can be due to fights in office, a load of office work or a load of debts he/she have to pay.

They cannot bother you every time by telling all about their problem but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t know about them. You have the right to know what is going on in their life and help them if you can. Sometimes people need little love and extra care from you but they won’t ask it openly but that is something you have to understand yourself.

Spy app will let you know about your lover’s behavior, his/her past and everything that you had never known about him/her. Making use of this app is best if you have recently got into the relationship and require time to understand your lover. Use spy app so that you can know where your lover is, what he/she doing on the phone and with whom they are chatting. You can discover all about their interest, their needs, and their insecurities. You can make them feel better and happy without letting them know that you already know everything about their problems.

Top 5 spying app you should use for cell phone spy-

#1 NetSpy

#1 NetSpy

Website: https://www.netspy.net

To spy on lover, family, kids or enemy you can take help of this software. This software gained popularity ever since it was launched, this is because it always showed the best results to the user and user never had any complaints regarding its use or working. This software will work to spy on both Android or iOS device and you will not face compatibility issues.

This software provides optimum privacy to the user and user can spy without getting detected is the most loved feature of this app. this app also contains a bunch of features which make it one of the best app in the market. Lots of features mean lots of information about the phone and it will be lot more simple for you to know the truth.

#2 AppSpy

#2 AppSpy

#2 AppSpy

Website: https://appspy.net

This spy app is also quite easy to use and contain wonderful features which attract most of the customer. There in the app, the user interface is very good and user feels free to spy with Appspy. This software was developed to monitor iOS as well as Android device. This software need not be installed in the target phone and thus, it is easy to work with it.

Some of the uncommon feature offered in this app are ambient listening and hidden call recorder. These features which are offered to you can be utilized only after you purchase them from their store. You can remain undetectable while you spy as the software is fully hidden. If you feel that the packages are suitable for you then you can buy and start spying.

#3 TheTruthSpy

#3 TheTruthSpy

#3 TheTruthSpy

Website: http://thetruthspy.com

Reviews and rating of this spyware suggest that it is also a good spy app in the market. There are employers and parents who mostly make use of this spy software. It is free to use software but the method of spying via TheTruthSpy is different from the other spy app. here, the user has to download & install the spyware on the phone on which you want to spy. If you do not install it on that phone you cannot spy.

Also, you have to make some settings in order to hide the application before you finally start spying. There is a risk of detection if you do not hide the app successfully. So, you have to be careful while using TheTruthSpy app. there are some very good features in this app which will support in spying over the target phone.

#4 PhoneSpying

Website: https://www.phonespying.com

It is the easiest as well as safest surveillance app in the market and it works for all device whether it is android, iOS, windows, etc.  Using this spy app one can know about what the target is doing at present and also they can review the past activity of the target phone. It keeps you updated about target phone activity in real time and so this app is loved by the users.

There are some very useful features available in this spy app which you can also find in other apps as well but here these features are available to use for free and so people love using this software. If you want to spy simply on calls and SMS of the target phone then you can use this app.

#5 GuestSpy

Website: https://guestspy.com

This is also advanced spy software and there are some advanced features offered in this app. when first it was developed it was not popular but when some more updates are done in this app then people start loving it. People loved all the new features of this and the control board was easy to operate so it becomes popular.

Chances of detection of this spy app by the target are nil and there is no chance of getting virus due to this software. People loved its customer support service as it is fast and active 24×7 so all the queries and problems of the user can be solved easily.


We hope now you will use any of these apps and will try to find why your lover is so stressed and what the reason behind their changed behavior is. Spying will help you to keep eye on their daily activity on the phone of your lover. The details of the target phone which you must discover and see are as follows-

  • Real-time Location
  • Call recording/ contact history
  • SMS and messenger chats recording
  • Video call spy
  • Social media activity recording
  • Pattern & password recording
  • Photos, videos & audio files recording
  • Email as well as online activity
  • App use detail

All these activities of your lover’s phone will be available for you to see by the use of the Spy App. There is no doubt that the truth of your lover’s past and present life will be disclosed and you can see what they hide. We know when you discover the truth your way of seeing your lover will change but we hope that you will turn everything in your and your lover’s favor and you can solve the issues which you face in your love life.

In the same manner, if you got issues with your family and you want to know your kid’s activity then this app will assist you and you could control your kid’s phone. When you are able to see what is done on phone by the kids you will come to know about why they so low grades and why their academic performance is going down. They might be suffering from depression or bullied but they won’t tell you that directly but if you find it yourself then you can help your kids and make them have good grades in schools.

There are some really big benefits of the spy software which are still undiscovered. people hesitate on spying as they consider it illegal but using monitoring app or surveillance software is not illegal these apps are built for monitoring someone especially kids and spouse so that you could control their online activity and save them from cyber crimes.

If you love them then you shouldn’t be hesitant anymore and you should choose any of the software from the above list of spy app and this will help you in discovering in depth about your loved one’s life and their social activity. You can help them and control them in this way and also you can guide them if they are traveling on the wrong path.

If you want to know how to make use of this spy app and what all features you can work with then you can visit spycenter.com or store and there you get the complete details about it. Hurry up and read all the details and start monitoring the one whom you love the most. Try to understand what is there in their mind and what is bothering them.

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